Saturday, April 6, 2013


I was thinking about all the ways parents love and ensure the well-being of their children like rocking a fussy baby, reading their favorite book over and over and over again, offering hot cocoa on a blustery day, making a pot of the best chicken soup (because Mom's chicken soup in the best!) when they don't feel well, kissing boo-boos, working along side them with a project, offering a listening ear.  The list goes on.
Parenting requires sacrifice...of time and money, but mostly time.  Children are an investment with HUGE dividends.  If you will take the time to observe your children, you will know them well.  A case of "mother's intuition" is usually a direct result from careful observations she has made.  If you listen carefully to your children, they usually reveal what's in their heart - some times straight out, some times subtly. 

Parents have their children's best interest at heart.  Parents want them to have good friendships, good habits, good health, and good education. 

Don't you think it's part of a parent's job to chose the best means of education for them?  Before you think I'm going all homeschooling on you, hear me out. 

There are several options for education: homeschooling, public school, private school, Montessori school, just to name a few.  What if the choice that you KNEW was the best for your child (because you have their best in mind, because you observe them, because you listen to them...BECAUSE YOU ARE THEIR PARENT) was not allowed because the government thought that no parent has a constitutionally protected individual right to direct the education of their child?

Well, that is the current view of the Obama Administration.  Really?  Really!

I have had many conversations with people about homeschooling over the years.  One of the most common comments I hear is, "I don't know how you do it.  I could never homeschool."  I ask you this?  What if you were forced to?   Against your own reasoning, you are forced to do that which you know is not a good option for your family.
Wouldn't you feel that since you are their parent, you should have the authority to choose the best educational option for your children.  

Then we agree!!

A German family’s right to home education is currently before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and the results could drastically impact our freedom to decide where and how our children will be educated.

Please take a moment right now to sign the petition at
Because the appellant in this case is Attorney General Eric Holder’s office on behalf of the Obama Administration, you can plead with the White House to drop the case. To guarantee a response, we must reach 100,000 signatures by April 18.

To sign, you will have to create an account, including your first and last name and an email address. Your name is needed because, well, it’s a petition. And your email address is used to confirm that a real person is completing the form and not a “spam bot.” You will also have the option to give your city and state, but that is not required.

This isn't just about homeschooling rights.  It's about parental rights!  No matter what your educational choice is for your children, the point is we have a choice. 

Because we love our children (and grandchildren)...we can not afford to be apathetic. 

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