Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some projects

I'm working on a couple of projects.

Yep, potty training is one of them.  Mary Anne is doing so well.  {M&M's are a great incentive.}  She's well on her way!

Hannah and I are going to make some dresses too.   We have a wedding in May that we'll be attending so I thought it would be fun if the girls (Hannah too) all had something new and fun to wear.
I adore polka dots.  THEY are fun!
I'm not sure if I'll make a dress for myself too.  It kind of depends on the time and if I can find a fabric and pattern that I like.  

I should be starting garden seeds, but I just don't have the place to put them where they would be out of the way and undisturbed.  Last year, we started our garden with starts and it looks like we'll be doing it that way again this year.  Soon we'll be rototilling in all the hay and "organic goat matter" to make for beautiful garden soil.   We have a shorter growing season up here on the mountain.  Sometime around Mother's Day we'll probably plant. 

We just got one of our does back from "holiday".  If she took, then we shall have kids around mid July.   She's a rather skittish goat.   Usually, our goats are very inquisitive {sometimes almost annoyingly so} and very friendly.  I'm hoping that once she kids she'll be mellow and calm, and I'm praying she'll be good on the milk stand.  Some times you have to work with first time fresheners and that can be discouraging.   Thankfully, we've only had one very difficult goat.  The rest have been easy going and happy to be milked.

We are in the midst of planning a family vacation.  Do you have any suggestions for keeping little ones happy on a plane? 

We have another project on deck, but it's a HUGE one....like moving huge, but we are not moving.  But honestly, I don't want to think about it - so I won't!


  1. I will be MORE then happy to come over and milk your difficult goat for you. ;) It just has to be at 5am lol!! ;)

    ....email me and tell me the "HUGE" thing?? I want to know! :D

  2. you're killing me with the "other project" ... I am left to wonder if that means what I think it means?

  3. Well, you might not think it's huge, but it's HUGE to me.... We must replace our floors upstairs, which means packing up and moving out of the rooms while we do it. Me and chaos aren't the best of companions.
    I bet you were thinking "Baby"; I think labor might be easier than floors.


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