Monday, March 18, 2013

Function or beauty?

The practical person wants function;  the look is unimportant.
The artistic/creative person is drawn to “the look”; function is not important.
Enter  beautility.  Beauty + utility.

I am a very practical person, but honestly, life is too short to live with ugly! 
I think standard towel racks are ugly. 
Eric made these for me and I love them.  They are perfect for our very small bathroom.

These towel racks were so simple to make.  He used a 1” x 6” x 6’ pine board to make two towel racks to replace the two ugly ones.

One is 33” long and the other is 16”.   He sanded both to a smooth finish.  He used a white stain to achieve the white wash look.   He added the clear, glass knobs.  {5 knobs on the one that is 33" and 3 on the one that is 16"} He measured from the very center and worked out to the edges so that it would look right.  {because the look IS important!}


He hung them on the wall with screws.  For a finished look, he bought the little plugs that cover the screws....voila!  Yep, He's THE MAN!


  1. How fun!! Remembering our conversation last night when you were working on your blog... =D
    Thank you again for having me over, I've been randomly grinning all day reliving conversations. =D

  2. My Dear Miss Evelyn,
    Your company was most enjoyable! Hope to do again SOON!


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