Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The last two days of Advent

Christmas Eve day we spent in the  kitchen together making varenyky.  When Eric was little he made them with his "little Grammy".  Now he has taught the children how to make them.   It's a fun family time in the kitchen. 

In the late afternoon we attended a special service at our church.  There was an adult choir and children's choir.  Scripture was read in between songs, some the choirs sang, some we all sang, which told the story of Christ.  

We came home from service and ate our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of shepherd's pie.  This year I made Karen's potato rolls.  They were scrumptious!

It's our tradition, once the kids go to sleep, we place their stockings on their beds.  When they wake up in the morning, they can open them.   I'm pretty sure I heard little feet and squeals of delight in the wee hours of the morning. ...It's Christmas!

Each year, Eric begins our Christmas morning with the reading of either Matthew or Luke's account of the birth of Christ.  I still stand amazed at all the prophecies fulfilled! 

COFFEE and gifts come next.  We open gifts one at a time, watching, oohing, ahhing.    When we are done, the littles play with their new things, while I get supper going.   Usually we have turkey with trimmings and we ALWAYS have birthday cake!

We make a special one with loads of symbolism.

A round chocolate cake
  {round = the world
   chocolate = black as sin} 

Frosted with white frosting
  {white = Christ's righteousness which covers our sin}

3 red candles
 {3 = Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  candles = Light of the world.

Green boughs around the cake
 {Ever green = ever lasting life.}

I couldn't find red candles anywhere so I put 3 piles of red sprinkles on top; and I forgot the ever green boughs.  Kicking myself for that. 

Merry Christmas!

This next week, we'll take down the tree, pack away the decorations, and give the house a thorough cleaning.  I LOVE to organize, and I often go through the closets since new things need a home. 

I will also take some time to review and revise our daily schedule and lesson plans.  I also set goals for the next year - though I've often thought about doing it monthly.  I like how you can see your success or failure in bite size chunks. 

I wonder what 2013 will hold the Blanchet Family? 

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  1. So much fun!! I can't wait to have our little Christmas later today. :)

    I kinda like drawing it out into a couple different days. Makes the fun last longer and the excitement is still there. ;)

    I love you!


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