Thursday, October 25, 2012

Surfing and the treasure trove!

You know I'm old fashioned.  I love hand written letters delivered by snail mail.  I love old fashioned quilts and hand stitched linens - especially ones handed down that have their own story....BUT - today I love technology.  While reading this blog, I clicked on a link which brought me to an amazing GF site!  She has link upon link in her blog roll...surfing at it's best.  It's a like the best right swell with lots of switchbacks...oh, but I digress.
This site really is an amazing treasure trove of  GF/DF sites. 

Because of this, I added a new section on my blog - to the right...Gluten Free/Dairy Free websites. 
Living with food sensitivities is challenging, and at times very discouraging.  Ingredients are expensive and when the recipe is a flop either because it tastes yucky or because it just doesn't behave like "traditional" ingredients, it's really a sad day!
I'm just so excited for these resources for our home and if you are on a gluten free journey,  I hope it helps you too.

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