Thursday, October 18, 2012

A day in pictures





The 2nd Annual Anderson Family Farm Festival.....The stormy weather held off until the end.  What a glorious, fun fall day!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! I was so upset I didn't get to meet you and your beautiful family:). We had soccer games and didn't get there until late...but what a fun day!!


  2. Julia,
    I think my French pumpkin is from YOUR farm. :0)
    Some day we shall meet, I just know it. Hugs for now.

  3. Mrs. Blanchet,

    I am so very happy you all (well most of you at least) got to come this year! it was so much fun to talk with you that day! you got some really CUTE pictures!!! i love the one of Dan and Mary, they are so sweet!

    thank you so much for making the long trip out here that day!

    love you all!

    P.S we are all very sad Matt and Mr. B could not have made it, but i hope they had a wonderful hunting trip!

    [sorry this is such a long comment] :P


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