Monday, July 16, 2012

A day with friends

Often on Sunday afternoons after church, we'll either have people over to our home or visit with friends at their home.  It makes for for a wonderful, relaxing, fun day. That was the case this last Sunday when we visited the Clements family.

Here's just a few shots of our fun time.
Ellie brushing Wildfire

Hannah with Wildfire...owner Emily in the background

Ellie with Hannah riding Wildfire
Now it's Abbie's turn to ride with Hannah 
Not sure that helmet is doing a whole lot of good

Hannah with Em leading

Matt and Wild...{cowboy boots and a hat just might be in his future}

2 of the 7 sweet sisters

It's always a fun time with a LOT of laughs when our families get together!


  1. oh how FUN!!!! you all look so CUTE!:) i am sure you all had so much fun!!! one day... you all will be able to ride Patriot!!!:):):)

  2. We are looking forward to THAT day! ;-)

  3. Hey Hannah!!
    Do you and Mar like horses?? :P lol

    Oh and BTW this is Caiah. The louder one.

    (I met ya in Levenworth with the A's)

    Nice pics!! Matthew looks Awesome in these!

  4. nice pics who took them?


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