Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Pook

Look who just turned 6!  I know!  We all say it, "I can't believe she's ..... already!"  "Where does the time go?"  "I remember her arrival like it was just yesterday."   BUT IT'S TRUE!  I can't believe she is 6 already! Where does the time go?! and I do remember her labor and delivery like it was just yesterday!

Here are some fun things to know about our sweet Elisabeth (Ellie).
  •   She just recently lost a front tooth and the next one is quite loose too.
  •   Her hair reaches to the bottom of her back, even though we cut about 9" off last year. 
  •   Her favorite thing to eat is "red nothing soup". {tomato soup}
  •   Her new favorite thing to do is play with Legos.
  •   She loves to be read to and always wants to "do school", but it doesn't come easy for her.
  •   Her favorite color is pink.
  •   She LOVES octopuses.
  •   She is on the small side - only 44" tall and a whopping 38 lbs!!  (At this rate, she'll NEVER get out of a car seat!)
To celebrate birthdays, we usually forego the usual "party" and go on a family outing of their choice instead.  Ellie chose the Reptile Zoo.
The Bunch

She loved the snakes!  I loved the glass between me and the snakes!

A two-headed turtle...really!

Ellie with her souvenier snake she named "Alice".
  Sunday, being her actual birthday, she woke up bright and early (well, she ALWAYS wakes up bright and early!)  She opened gifts before we left for church.  A potluck breakfast was previously planned for that day - that worked out well! 
Abbie, Hannah, and Mary

Fun gifts

So nice to have a big brother to help

This might come in handy

 A sweet friend of the family baked a special cake and brought it to church for her. It was a delicious carrot cake. 

Later that afternoon, Sarah was able to come over and spend some time with us too.

 Hannah also made Ellie a special cake...an octopus cake. Too cute. She loved it.

Not quite in one breath, but almost.
 What a special girl you are, Ellie.  We love you!!

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