Thursday, April 12, 2012

Can you believe it?  Again?...Really?!  All of us at once?  Even Gypsy Cold Care hasn't seemed to help with this round.  This morning as I was sitting and thinking about the last 2 weeks of illness, I started to feel a little pity party coming on.  The sun was just coming up over the mountain and I was thinking...another beautiful, sunny day and we are stuck inside with the sickies. 

BUT the Lord pressed on my heart...
  • Yes, another beautiful day ~ the sun IS shining ~it's not dreary and raining!
  • No one has a terminal illness.
  • This won't last forever ~ it WILL be over soon.
  • We are not all on some expensive vacation trip only to stare at the 4 walls of the hotel room.
  • We have all the comforts of home ~ warmth, cozy beds, comforting quilts, hot tea, movies to watch with eachother.
  • We have friends who call to check on us and even deliver a meal!
Eric had me buy a temporal artery thermometer.  It's a thermometer that you swipe across the forehead. It was the best $40 I've spent.  The regular digital themometers are fine, but I'd always have to disinfect them in between uses. No big deal when it's only one who is sick, but with everybody sick, it would take a bit of time to take everyone's temperature.)I have to take Mary's temperature under her arm and it would take for-ever!  She would get impatient and so would I.  This scan takes all of about 2 seconds!  It reads the body's core temperature (the equivilent of a rectal reading without having to do THAT!)  The other benefit is this - temperal artery and rectal temperatures are normally very close, however, if the temperature is rapidly changing, the temporal scanner will identify the changing temperature much sooner than a rectal thermometer - even on infants.  What a blessing.

So - my chosen outlook for today? 
It's a new day! The sun is shining! God will give me the strength I need for helping my family today!  Today ~ we are one day closer to being well again!

Hope you are all well. :-)

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  1. So sorry to hear but God is working in your heart!

    If I were nearby, I'd make you warm scones to go with that tea. :-) love you.


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