Friday, January 27, 2012

DIY Vintage ~ Farm Charm

I saw this darling idea here

I found a frame at Goodwill. It had ugly art in it (art, well that is a relative term!), but it didn't matter since I really only wanted it for the frame.  It measures 17" x 17". I had the other 5" x 7" blue frame.  Cost: $4.

First step is to spray paint the frame the color you want it.  I thought about cranberry red or shabby chic green, but Hannah wanted white. White is always a good choice. I already had a can of that.  Cost: 0

I didn't have chicken wire so I bought a roll of it.  Even though I probably could have found some for free, I really didn't want to risk working with rusty, dirty chicken wire.  The smallest roll was 2' x 25', but I love this idea and I plan to make more of them.  Cost: $9.

All you do is cut a piece of the chicken wire the size of your frame.


and then staple it to the back of your frame.  Trim off the extra.

use clothespins to hold your treasures and voila

 a super cute place to put reminders, notes, pictures and Scriptures!

I plan to make more as time allows.  I think I'll put them in my Etsy shop.

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