Friday, November 4, 2011

A Fabulous Fall Day on our Friends' Family Farm

When we first moved up to Washington I had been in a cute gift shop where I saw a needlepoint pillow that said, "You can't make old friends". I remember thinking that that was so true.  It only happens with time.  One of the first families we met when we moved here remain our dearest and closest friends...eighteen years later!  (YIPPEE for old friends!) At the beginning of this week Hannah went to stay with them (3 daughters) and we got to have their only son stay with us.  I don't think the laughter ever stopped.  You wouldn't think boys would have so much to talk about, but they do! They had such a great time together. 
 Because of unpredictable weather on Snoqualmie Pass, the kids couln't enjoy an extended stay.  We headed over to spend the day and return and gather "chicks".  The day started out cold and very windy, but the skies were clear and the bluest of blues.  At our home, almost all our golden maple leaves are off the trees now.  Our driveway is a lane of leaves!  Ellensburg is so different from the little town on Sultan.  While we live in a forest of tall trees and mountains with often cloudy/rainy weather; Ellensburg is much more flat with wide open space, clear, sunny skies....and often lots of wind too.  This day was no exception, bright blue skies, glorious sunshine, a crisp breeze and...friends! 

It's always fun to see what they have done on the farm since our last visit.  This year they launched a new business, Anderson Family Farm.  They make hand crafted goat milk skin care products (body butter, lotion, soap. salt scrubs).  They really did well at the Farmer's Markets.  They also held a first annual Fall Farm Festival on their farm complete with fiddlers, pumpkin chili, cupcakes, hay maze and obstacle course and a goat train.  Yes, a goat train- little wagons hitched together and pulled by the quad. 

 Since we weren't able to make it to the Farm Festival due to sick children, they were so sweet to hook it all up for us and give it a go.  Our young children L.O.V.E.D. it.  It was so darling.  One of their daughters did much of the painting of the goats.  
Another fun thing that my little girls enjoy on their farm is Millie's playhouse. It's a little girl's dream house with festive window boxes on the outside, pretty curtains on the inside, a red, retro stove and refrigerator, a real (elecrtic) woodstove with glowing embers, and even a snoozing kitty (one of those sleeping pets that look so real!)  Can you say, charming? 

 May I say, that keeps little girls happily occupied for hours! 

Meanwhile the older children talk and laugh and laugh and talk.  I don't think there is ever a lull in their conversation.  Grace buzzed around the kitchen like nobody's business whipping up divine boule to go with the lasagna lunch and super yummy cupcakes (chocolate zucchini with chocolate frosting.) They spoil us everytime we visit.
We are so thankful for this sweet, enduring friendship, so thankful that our children share it too.  They've known eachother all their lives.  They have "old friends".  What a treasure that is!

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  1. Mrs. Blanchet you're so sweet! :) I am so glad that you all got to come over for a wee visit before the winter snows came!
    Love you!


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