Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Corn Roast

Some friends of ours have an annual corn roast.  It's so fun!  Kevin roasts the corn outside on a huge grate that is  on top of a drum which has a big fire in it.  After the corn is roasted, he pulls the husks down with gloves and dips the ear in a can filled with melted butter.  OH MY!  It's just heavenly!  Everyone who comes brings a side dish or salad to share.  We brought goat cheese and crackers, what else? ;-) And then, there are the pies.  Lisa and her daughters make delicious homemade pies!  It's such fun to enjoy their little family farm, the chilly autumn weather, great fellowship and yummy corn and pie.
the corn roasting

the garden, an apple tree and the hen house


delicious pie!

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