Monday, August 15, 2011

Something Fun...

 I like to visit blogs.  It's fun to see what others are up to and what inspires them.  What's really fun is to visit a blog, see what blogs they like, and take a little blog hop.  It's such fun to find yet another blog to enjoy.  Some are going through difficult trials, some are enjoying the blessings of new babies, some are busy on their family farm (urban and country!)   It's like meeting new friends, except I'm in my home and they are in theirs.  I guess that's the 21st century way of making new friends, but I digress.  Lots of blogs have fun little give-aways.  I want to join the fun too.  Since I don't have very many "followers"  (see right column towards the bottom) I thought it might be fun to give a way a little something special to every fifth follower (that's my son's idea!).  So if you read my blog - let me know by following me! I'll post the winner and the surprise I sent to them.

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