Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ellie's Birthday part 3

Ellie turned 4! This year she really likes octopuses. Originally we thought we'd visit the zoo, but weather here has been, well shall we say.....WET. We decided that the Seattle Aquarium would be a lot of fun and it was. (Thanks, Microsoft Prime card!)

We started her birthday in the usual way - opening gifts and a birthday breakfast. (Hannah made lingonberry muffins for her.) After breakfast we headed to "the city". Ellie was so excited to see the giant octopuses (Gizmo and Electra) and all the other exhibits of fish there. It's a smaller aquarium so we were done seeing everything in couple of hours. Since we were in Seattle (and we rarely go there) we thought we'd take a ride on the carousel too. I don't think Ellie had ever seen one, let alone ride on one....another fun memory.

Tummies were rumbling so we hit Fat Burger on the way home. Full, but not too full for cake and ice cream - we enjoyed that once we arrived home. Chocolate cake with homemade chocolate frosting (Homemade is really SO MUCH BETTER than store bought!!) and neopolitan ice cream. YUM!

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